Alex here, hi I draw and do other stuff too
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    if you love yourself NEVER count how many comics you own and try to approximate how much money you’ve spent

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    [suspicious snape voice] “you’re saying your friend named remus lupin definitely isn’t a werewolf”

    [shocked, disappointed james potter voice] “remus lupin, a werewolf?? is it because he’s named after a guy raised by a wolf? is it because his surname literally means wolf? well. you’re wrong. his middle name is john, there’s no way he could be a werewolf.”

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    trying to look cool in public with a friend like




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    I had to do a dramatic reading of millionfish's amazing art.

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    so in my new apartment there’s a random hole in the wall, just big enough for a drake bell shrine

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    Senshi Study Sesh!

    This was the piece I submitted to the Meatball Head Sailor Moon art show in LA at Meltdown Comics! The show was this past weekend and was curated by the wonderful Nico Colaleo, who had a bunch of amazing artists in the industry contribute to the show! I heard that it was a blast, and wish I could have been able to make it.

    So many thanks to my friends Gyimah, Ben and Scott for helping me out! I have much to learn, but was eager to try something new with environment, perspective, and colours. The colours have been tweaked since, but otherwise the drawing is the same :)

    I’ll post some close ups later! Enjoy!

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  • i leave this friday am i ready, idk

  • "We need to recognize that for some people sex is great and for some sex is horrific and for some it’s on par with folding laundry."



    (~Sex Isn’t Always Good by queenieofaces)

    This is a critical part of sex positivity that tends to be overlooked. Let’s celebrate empowering amazing sex and the choice to not have sex, or only have certain kinds of sex. 

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    Hema and Näkki, the cats living at my place.

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    a paranormal mockumentary show in the style of the office/parks and rec

    revolving around the lives of employees at a hokey haunted mansion tourist trap that turn out to be actually hella haunted but most of its spirits are either benevolent or ineffectively malevolent

    10/10 WOULD WATCH


    I’d watch the hell out of it

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    which female character is your favorite?


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